Derek Humfleet

I am Angie’s husband, Colt and Griffin’s dad, a lawyer and a Christian.

Most parents are a lot like me. They work tirelessly to protect their kids, provide for them and raise them the right way. Unfortunately, I’ve found most parents have really not thought about what would happen if they die. Most don’t have a plan and have not ensured their kids are protected if something happens to them.

Life happens whether or not we plan for it. Most families are not prepared legally or otherwise to manage life’s unexpected events.

For years, I was primarily a personal injury trial attorney. As a trial attorney, I was exposed to many aspects of the law and courtroom procedure. Almost all of my personal injury clients were going through an unexpected event and very few were prepared.

Now, I focus my practice on protecting families and business owners by proactively planning for the unexpected.

Most of my work is based on an up-front flat fee structure. When you call me you will never get any surprise fees or unexpected bills.

A lot of attorneys who dabble in estate planning take a “one-size fits all” approach. They draft wills or a power of attorney, but they don’t get to know their clients and what they need to do to prepare for those unexpected life events. We value long-term relationships with clients. We have regular contact with them and they don’t have to worry about paying extra for it. The approach we take enables us to build strong relationships. Part of that relationship includes ongoing reviews of client estate plans, without any additional charge.

The health care system can be challenging to understand. Finding the appropriate government benefits can be near impossible to navigate alone. We can help.

Parents with children who have special needs are faced with many challenges. There are developmental, emotional and physical challenges, but there are also estate planning challenges. We can help you navigate these challenges from a legal perspective.

No matter what your situation is we want to help you make the best legal decision as life happens and make sure the right someone is there for your family after you’re gone.

If this sounds like the kind of relationship and the level of service you want from your attorney, we should talk.

Derek Humfleet


ANSWER: Every adult, including a married couple that thinks they own everything jointly, still needs to have a Will and a Durable Power of Attorney.

ANSWER: Every adult, including a married couple, needs to sign a document appointing a Health Care Surrogate to make health care decisions for them in the event such person is unconscious and/or unable to communicate their treatment wishes. Further, every adult needs to sign a Living Will Directive stating their end of life care decisions.

ANSWER: Each parent should determine what is best for each child, but giving different amounts to each child using a standard “according to their needs” requires the executor to have the wisdom of Solomon and practically guarantees court intervention.

ANSWER: In either circumstance, consult with an attorney regarding the necessity of a new Will.

ANSWER: If so, such provisions must be in your Last Will and Testament and also perhaps in a Trust.

ANSWER: If so, and you desire to make changes, you must have a new Will prepared and signed.